BST consists of three base teams and is continually adding senior design projects. The three base teams consist of snow, wake and skate team. Senior design can also be done through the Enterprise and shown below are the current senior design projects

Snow Team

Snow Team’s current project is to design a conversion kit that will change an existing mountain bike frame into a snow bike that can be used for downhill skiing. 

Team MemberRoleEmail
Jack HolmesTeam
Max HinzTeam Member
Zachary GergareTeam Member 

Skate Team

Skate team’s recent projects have included a skate deck that is resistant to tip and tail chipping and damage. This deck uses innovative materials within the plys to make a more impact resistant skate deck.

Team MemberRoleEmail

Wake Team

Wake team’s current project is a detachable hydrofoil that can be attached to any wakeboard. Our team is manufacturing every component of the foil including the wings, mast, and board connection pieces.

Team MemberRoleEmail
Andrew MaiersTeam
Julia VerBoortTeam Member

Current & Past Senior Design Projects

Michigan Tech students for most majors are required to complete a senior design or capstone project in order to graduate. When taking the enterprise route, team members of the enterprise work on sub-teams listed above for at least two semesters before beginning their senior design project. Listed below are the current senior design projects within the enterprise.

3D Printed Wakesurf Board(2022)

Design and create and wakesurf board that can be 3D printed from an abs like material. This is to get away from the current process of cutting/shaping foam. The overall goal is to verify how viable printing the board into several pieces then “welding” together fiberglass would be.

Team MemberRoleEmail
Josh LamphereTeam
Andrew GunnettTeam

Backcountry Shovel (2021)

Design and create a backcountry shovel with integrated safety features to reduce the amount of devices needed to be brought along on a day trip. Features include GPS, radio transceiver, first aid kid, LCD screen, and a temperature sensor

Team MemberRoleEmail
Felix ClouthierTeam
Bryan BigelowTeam
 Ben JewellTeam
Completed Backcountry shovel
Left to right: Felix Cloutier, Ben Jewell, Bryan Bigelow